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Posca PC3M - 0.9-1.3mm - gold

Ref: PCC002-316
Brand: Uni Posca

The POSCA water-based paint markers are synonymous with artistic and creative activity. Whether marking boldly, painting cleanly, drawing accurately or neatly handwriting, there is a POSCA nib size to suit any art or craft application. POSCA paint is composed of unalterable pigments and water and is extremely versatile in its application. It is blendable, but can also be overlaid when dry. POSCA can be used on all types of media, including paper, glass, cardboard, wood, earthenware, metal, ceramics, porcelain, textiles, plastic and more. It is permanent on paper, erasable on glass, and does not bleed through paper. POSCA is alcohol-free, solvent-free and odour-free. Paint flow is controlled by a valve by the user and each pen's paint is mixed by a ball inside the barrel. Let dry after application and new ink can completely cover the previous colour.
The fine bullet tip of the POSCA PC3M allows fine control in both colouring and writing.
Quantity - 1 unit

3,30€ p/ Unit

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